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Five ski areas, 45 ski lifts and 120 km of slopes: the white Val di Fiemme is a skier’s paradise. In SUMMER, you will find huge expanses of green, an endless number of trails and plenty of space for family and nature. The kingdom of fun and clean air is at high altitude!

Val di Fiemme is a highly sought-after WINTER destination. With its five ski areas, 45 ski lifts and an impressive 120 km of slopes, it is every skier’s dream. With one ski pass allowing you to choose a different ski area every day, your week of skiing will be an experience like no other.

In SUMMER, the slopes give way to vast expanses of greenery, trails and nature, and the ski lifts allow young and old to breathe in the fresh, pure air found at high altitude.

All of the facilities have been designed with great attention to their environmental impact, and the fir and larch forests make the Val di Fiemme landscape spectacular and colourful all year round. The real magic is the clean air, provided by some 60 million trees, which together capture 2 million tonnes of CO₂.

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Val di Fiemme

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Fiemme Cembra Guest Card

Its easy walks among fir woods, flowery meadows and cool-water streams are surrounded by the UNESCO Dolomites of the Trentino region. Step after step, discover the countless beautiful views of Val di Fiemme and Val di Cembra.

Accompanying you in this journey is the Fiemme Cembra Guest Card, which will enable you to enjoy a lot of new experiences, such as spectacular tales, hikes in the mountains, mountain sports, visits to museums and mobility on shuttles, little trains and buses.

How does it work?

The Fiemme Cembra Guest Card is included in your stay at no additional costs (from 2 nights) if you stay in partner hotels, residences, agriturs, B&Bs, camp sites and apartments of Val di Fiemme and Val di Cembra,